HiiiWAV FEST Mark your calendars! – HiiiWAV Fest is coming to Oakland on June 8th! Imagine stepping into a vibrant Afrofuturistic world right in front of HiiiWAV HQ at 2781 Telegraph reminiscent of an afro punk meets afro tech festival, with attendees in dazzling colorful attire and the pulsating rhythms of Bay Area music. This… Continue reading HiiiWAV FEST


HiiiFrequency HiiiFREQUENCY Residency Program for 2024, designed specifically for award winning businesses created by HiiiWAV artists. This dynamic four-month program offers space, guidance, pilot opportunities, funding resources, and community collaboration to our seven exceptional business grant winners. Our goal is to take a significant step towards creating multi-million dollar Black Artist-led companies. In this four-month… Continue reading HiiiFrequency


Re:Vibes Hey Fam, We’re deep into our excellence era for Black Futures Month 🤩 Come vibe out with us on Feb 15th, from 7-10 PM, at the Throughline Art Exhibit, 1500 Broadway! 🍾 🎧 Beats dropped by the iconic DJs Daghe and Nina Sol 🎨 Art by the visionary Taylor Smalls 🎵 Live tunes from… Continue reading Re:Vibes


HiiiFriends https://hiiiwav.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/10000000_822591176221712_4081260489693408561_n.mp4 HiiiWAV headquarters buzzed with the warmth and joy of the HiiiFriends Holiday Potluck, a multi-generational gathering of family, friends, and colleagues. From 2pm to 5pm, attendees brought along their favorite dishes, contributing to a diverse and delicious spread that symbolized the collaborative spirit of the community. The open bar added a lively touch… Continue reading HiiiFriends

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AFRO AI: Demo Day 2023

AFRO AI: Demo Day 2023 https://hiiiwav.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/y2mate.is-HiiiWAV-Afro-AI-Demo-Day-2023-Recap-CvdnzMGKLKE-1080pp-1707222046-1.mp4 The AFRO AI Demo Day, hosted by HiiiWAV, was a spectacular showcase of Black-built, cutting-edge AI technology, featuring 8 highly talented competing teams. The event’s winners were truly remarkable: GOOROO clinched the HiiiWAV AFRO AI Apex Award and $10K for their innovative AI-assisted music engineering, transforming digital audio workstations.… Continue reading AFRO AI: Demo Day 2023

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