HiiiFREQUENCY Residency Program for 2024, designed specifically for award winning businesses created by HiiiWAV artists. This dynamic four-month program offers space, guidance, pilot opportunities, funding resources, and community collaboration to our seven exceptional business grant winners.

Our goal is to take a significant step towards creating multi-million dollar Black Artist-led companies. In this four-month transformation we will focus on nurturing HiiiWAV founded new businesses to a functional product stage, which involves conducting an MVP Hackathon, and coordinating and dedicating 200 hours of education and mentorship to each team. HiiiFREQUENCY will culminate in a grand finale at HiiiWAV Fest, including a Pitch Showcase segment with opportunities for additional funding.

The HiiiFREQUENCY Residency is a launchpad for innovation, investment, and entrepreneurial success.

Former grant winning residency members, this is your chance to take the next step into your entrepreneurial journey!

All potential investors and supporters, mark your calendars for June 8th at HiiiWAV Fest to witness the culmination of this incredible journey. Let's join hands in shaping the future of Black entrepreneurship in the arts and tech space!