HiiiTOP Fundraiser

A '90s themed fundraiser to secure a studio home

February 24, 2023                                                                               MamaDogs Studio

A massive shoutout goes to our incredible community of artists, funders, and strategic partners for making our event a roaring success. With their support, we managed to raise all the funds needed to acquire a brand-new studio space, all while rocking our coolest high-tops and enjoying some champagne. It was a piece of cake! (Just kidding!) 


Seriously though, our amazing network of supporters made the impossible possible. It’s been an intense three-year journey filled with sleepless nights, significant victories, and a whole lot of soul-searching, culminating in a triumph.


The craziest part? This is just the beginning! HiiiTOP was so much fun that we’ve decided to turn it into an annual HiiiWAV event.


Get ready for more awesomeness in the years to come!