August 27, 2023 

                  HiiiWAV HQ

We went on an Afrofuturistic adventure at HiiiWAV’s “Sci-Fi Sunday” last August 27th. Our special guest DJ established the mood, followed by a brief but thought-provoking conversation that expanded our horizons. We delved into the captivating world and storyline of the movie “They Cloned Tyrone,” while  engaging in a profound round-table discussion about the movie’s themes, featuring our guest speaker, Isis Asare, CEO of Sistah Scifi, and host Bosko Kante.


We hoped you joined us this “Sci-Fi Sunday,” where we blurred the boundaries between Afrofuturism, science fiction, music, and technology while fostering the HiiiWAV community. Attendees arrived with curiosity and left with a revitalized sense of wonder. Your journey into the future was eagerly anticipated, and we were delighted to have you with us!

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