HiiiFriends https://hiiiwav.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/10000000_822591176221712_4081260489693408561_n.mp4 HiiiWAV headquarters buzzed with the warmth and joy of the HiiiFriends Holiday Potluck, a multi-generational gathering of family, friends, and colleagues. From 2pm to 5pm, attendees brought along their favorite dishes, contributing to a diverse and delicious spread that symbolized the collaborative spirit of the community. The open bar added a lively touch… Continue reading HiiiFriends

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AFRO AI: Demo Day 2023

AFRO AI: Demo Day 2023 https://hiiiwav.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/y2mate.is-HiiiWAV-Afro-AI-Demo-Day-2023-Recap-CvdnzMGKLKE-1080pp-1707222046-1.mp4 The AFRO AI Demo Day, hosted by HiiiWAV, was a spectacular showcase of Black-built, cutting-edge AI technology, featuring 8 highly talented competing teams. The event’s winners were truly remarkable: GOOROO clinched the HiiiWAV AFRO AI Apex Award and $10K for their innovative AI-assisted music engineering, transforming digital audio workstations.… Continue reading AFRO AI: Demo Day 2023

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Afro AI is transforming local artists into tech founders

HiiiWAV partner Miles Dotson works with attendees of Afro AI Kickoff

[Oakland, CA / November 7, 2023] – The excitement is reaching its peak as we draw closer to the highly anticipated AFRO AI Demo Day by HiiiWAV, just a few weeks away on November 10th. This event marks the grand finale of an enriching 8-week program that has been empowering black artists and creators to harness… Continue reading Afro AI is transforming local artists into tech founders

Art Official: Intelligent Design & Bosko’s Birthday

Art Official: Intelligent Design                         July 15, 2023         2781 Telegraph Ave, Oakland Last July 15, we gathered at HiiiWAV HQ to celebrate a special occasion – Bosko’s birthday and the Art Official: Intelligence Design. The main goal of the event was… Continue reading Art Official: Intelligent Design & Bosko’s Birthday


AFROFILTERISM October 27, 2022                                                 Moxy, 2225 Telegraph Ave., Oakland        https://youtu.be/VRP7-L5HaVM?si=eAzebCt-bdB1R9Dt